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Thanks to our broad industry experience, we have a 3D view of all the influences on today’s healthcare consumers. From PCPs, specialists and healthcare systems to health insurers, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.


National podcast features insights from Adams & Knight

“Employee engagement is absolutely critical to service-oriented organizations, especially in healthcare industry,” says Reem Nouh, SVP at Adams & Knight. Fact is, it’s an integral…

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Are you using these five insights to define your brand purpose?

Brands now make statements about what they stand for. And that makes for stronger connections with their target audiences. What’s the secret to making your brand purpose clear for all? Read these helpful insights from SVP, Reem Nouh in this blog.   

Hartford HealthCare taps Adams & Knight to create powerful public safety campaign

The statistics are staggering:
• Only two in 10 American adults who have dangerous medications lock them up.
• Nearly 60,000 kids under the age of five accidentally swallow…

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Reframe your approach to video

Every marketer knows videos can be effective marketing tools. The challenge is knowing how to make them cost efficient as well. Learn what you can do up front that will improve your video investment overall in our latest blog.

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Learn the 5 Es of building employee engagement in the healthcare industry…directly from our healthcare marketing expert.

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Learn how we helped Pfizer launch a marketing campaign for Viagra® that got men in Africa and the Middle East to play their hardest.