total well-being

Adams & Knight is an integrated marketing agency that is passionate about working with brands that help enhance the total well-being of others. There’s no greater good that comes from marketing, than helping others lead physically, financially, emotionally healthier lives.

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Don’t make these mistakes when implementing marketing automation

How can you ensure that the new marketing tech you’ve chosen is accepted by your staff and other stakeholders? Avoid the mistakes SVP Brian McClear outlines in this blog.

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Stop blasting out the same messages on each social media channel

Do you know what motivates your target audiences to engage on social media? Are you producing content that appeals to them? Check out this blog which highlights what type of content you should post and how to shape your key messages on each social media channel.

Adams & Knight earns three prestigious Telly Awards

Adams & Knight, a Connecticut-based integrated marketing agency, was recently awarded three Telly Awards for its video marketing work for financial services and healthcare…

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Are you using these five insights to define your brand purpose?

Brands now make statements about what they stand for. And that makes for stronger connections with their target audiences. What’s the secret to making your brand purpose clear for all? Read these helpful insights from SVP, Reem Nouh in this blog.   

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Video is a great medium for telling great brand stories. Watch how we leveraged it for clients who want to connect with audiences in distinct market sectors, from financial services and government to sports and tourism.