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Start with a strategic PR audit.

A leading public relations firm in New England, Adams & Knight offers both stand-alone PR services as well as PR strategies that complement our other marketing services. Either way, our approach is highly strategic. We start with an in-depth analysis of what’s being said about your organization and your competitors — by you, in the media, on social channels, through employees, by industry analysts. We analyze not only the volume of coverage and commentary, but the sentiment of the conversations to determine areas of strength and opportunity.

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Develop an integrated PR strategy.

Once we’ve assessed the current PR landscape, we work closely with you to develop your forward-looking PR strategy. As a team, we’ll build consensus around the 5Ms: your motivation (what you want to accomplish), your markets (who you need to reach), your messaging (what you want to convey), recommended methods (how we’ll deliver those messages) and key metrics (how we’ll measure success). In developing this strategy, we’ll consider how to best integrate your PR efforts with other key complementary marketing intiatives, particularly your social media and content marketing strategies.


Building brand reputation for Webster Bank through event sponsorship and community activation.

Leverage multiple channels to tell your story.

Too often people think “PR” is just media relations. And while we do think positive press is key to success, we take a more holistic view of how to relate to your publics. We believe that it’s best to think first about the “stories” you need to tell, then determine the best ways to package and distribute those stories — whether that’s through content marketing, conferences, thought leadership, social media, video marketing or media relations. It’s this integrated approach that truly differentiates the Adams & Knight approach to PR.

Going Further Than Ever Imagined

Here’s how we captured Webster Bank’s inaugural RiMaConn Relay to build awareness, excitement, and participation for this annual event.



Public Relations Services

  • PR strategy
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Media and community relations
  • Crisis management
  • Internal employee communications
  • Media | spokesperson training
  • Reputation management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Thought leadership
  • Event planning | management