Marketing Research & Analytics

deriving insights from numbers

Focus marketing analytics beyond performance.

For today’s marketers, it’s all about the data. But our clients don’t want us to just send them performance numbers for the marketing campaigns we create. They want to know what those numbers mean. And how to use them to finetune marketing strategies…and shape even greater marketing success.

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Adams & Knight provides a full range of marketing research strategies, including conducting and moderating focus groups.  

Reveal what’s behind the numbers.

Today, just about any marketing activity can be measured with analytics. But to truly understand how your marketing efforts are performing, you need to first determine which marketing analytics you should monitor.

So before we launch any campaign, we do research to gain a holistic view of the possible analytics we can measure. We delve into what tactics and channels make sense for your marketing objective and then we determine the individual KPIs that will accurately reflect performance.


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Adams & Knight started with research to inform and create an engaging digital experience.

Create insightful reports from marketing analytics.

Not only do we detail reports with the relevent marketing analytics we agreed on, we list appropriate benchmarks for your industry along with KPIs. Then, we further break down the results by demographic information…to see if the campaign should be adjusted for different key audiences.

Defend Your Income

See how we used research to change the narrative around disability income and inform a new digital experience for the Council for Disability Awareness.




  • Research strategies
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Focus groups | moderators
  • Online surveys
  • Integrated reporting