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Webster Bank’s goal: position themselves as a “green,” environmentally friendly company — while generating brand awareness among audiences in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

They turned to Adams & Knight’s Public Relations team to find creative, efficient ways to accomplish their objectives.


We know the best way to build a reputation is to earn it, so we looked for ways for Webster to prove their commitment to the region and the environment. We found the perfect opportunity: Sponsorship of the Hartford Marathon Foundation’s new RiMaConn Relay, a 95-mile race on the East Coast Greenway through Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Webster immediately put their money where their mouth was, making a sizeable donation to the East Coast Greenway, which we turned into positive publicity ahead of race day.

We also organized and publicized “plogging” events before the RiMaConn Relay, with Webster volunteers picking up litter while jogging on the Greenway.

And during the race itself, we captured content all along the course and at the finish line, which was used for many types of social media and messaging.


Our PR efforts for Webster’s sponsorship of the RiMaConn Relay are now in their fourth year, thanks to results like reaching hundreds of millions of people, generating hundreds of thousands of social engagements and impressions, and high-profile media placements in Webster’s footprint.