Girl Scouts

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Five different Connecticut Girl Scout councils were merging into one statewide organization. The only problem? The Girl Scouts were worried that, in the midst of all the change, critical cookie sales would suffer. We needed to help communicate the benefits of buying cookies like never before, in ways that went beyond door-to-door sales. 


Our integrated campaign was, well…a campaign. As in a political campaign that pitted cookie vs. cookie in an engaging online “Cookie Vote” contest that encouraged Connecticut residents to vote for their favorite Girl Scout cookie. Along the way, we delivered messages about the important benefits of buying Girl Scout cookies. 


More than $1 million worth of “earned” statewide press, much more than the budget ever could have paid for, engaging people across the state to talk about the Girl Scouts.

Live broadcast coverage by all of Connecticut’s major TV and radio stations when then Governor M. Jodi Rell unveiled the state’s official cookie on the Capitol steps—as well as news segments featured in their evening broadcasts.

Dozens of celebrities participated in the campaign by agreeing to post their profiles/votes on the site.

More than 3 million boxes of cookies sold in Connecticut, surpassing the already aggressive goal.