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Interact in the most relevant environments.

Today, media isn’t just about making cost-effective “buys.” It’s about interacting in the most relevant environments. It requires a strategic assessment of where, when, and how your audiences will be open to engaging with your brand. From traditional media to paid social, programmatic native to branded content, our media strategists match what you need to accomplish with which channels provide the best opportunities for meaningful connections. 

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Create media connection plans.

Our media specialists work as integral members of our marketing team and yours. They dive into the media consumption habits of target audiences and compare the media spending patterns of key competitors. They align your brand’s strategic positioning with the right media opportunities. Then, they optimize the allocation, timing and integration of those placements.

They also leverage their longstanding media relationships and buying clout to negotiate the most effective value-added opportunities for you — ones that truly extend the value of your media buys.



Maximize performance from media.

Sure, we deliver CPCs, CPMs, CTRs, CPPs, CTAs and CPLs. But we also provide integrated reporting from all media channels used, complete with the insights behind those deliverables. And we continually provide analysis and intelligence to better optimize and maximize performance of a media campaign.

Connecticut Office of Tourism

Learn how we integrated media services that formed connections with 1.5 million leads to visit the state of Connecticut.



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