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The Connecticut Office of Tourism wanted to generate more revenue for the state. Unfortunately, both residents and nonresidents shared a misconception: There’s not much to do in Connecticut! Yet ALL of the things these targets said they wanted in a short getaway to the Northeast were not only available here, but they were all close to each other. In just one trip, visitors could enjoy a variety of different experiences. A clear benefit over competitors who are more well-known for certain activities, but lack others.


Don’t just tell travelers that Connecticut has “something for everyone,” show them specific attractions in contrasting but complementary pairs. Activities that are available close to each other and close to the targets: natural & cultural, relaxing & active, historic & innovative. And showcase the spontaneity that this proximity allows.

The integrated campaign (which included TV, OOH, PR and digital) featured the theme “Here’s a revolutionary idea…” which expanded the meaning of the state’s existing brand line “still revolutionary” to have its own dichotomy, reflecting both a sense of the new and innovative, as well as the historically significant.


The call to action for the campaign drove visitors to Connecticut’s tourism website, Results (May – Aug. 2014) show incredibly positive impact as a result of the campaign:  

• Site traffic to increased 43.68%.
• The number of page views are up 23%.  
• Tourism partners across Connecticut embraced the new campaign and understood how it would drive tourism traffic to their specific sites. 
  • The number of people reporting that they visited CT during the campaign is up 210%!
  • More people are planning to visit CT and 63% took action after seeing an ad.
  • Campaign has resulted in 62% more media impression over the last year.
  • The number of visitors to was up 49%; welcome center visits were up 20%. 
  • Average amount visitors spent on a trip to CT grew from $677 to $875.