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11 data-driven insights for successful tourism marketing


In the world of travel and tourism, effective marketing strategies can make all the difference in attracting and engaging potential visitors. Here are 11 data-driven insights that can elevate your marketing efforts. From understanding target audiences to leveraging user-generated content (UGC), these can help drive success in this competitive industry.

  1. Tailor messaging to family status. 

    Research shows that people without children prefer not to see tourism activities involving kids, while those with children actively seek out family-friendly options. Tailor your messaging to each group separately to maximize engagement and avoid alienating potential travelers.

  2. Lead with content marketing. 

    Content marketing reigns supreme in the tourism industry. Utilize a wide range of tactics including PR, organic and paid search, email campaigns, and content seeding to distribute your content effectively and reach a larger audience.

  3. Test and learn with written content. 

    While video content is popular, starting with written content is often more cost-effective and allows for quick testing and optimization. Written content also aids in organic search visibility, making it easier for potential visitors to find your destination.

  4. Update your existing content.

    Your content’s lifespan extends far beyond its initial publication. Updating and refreshing older work helps it remain relevant and increases its chances of being discovered through search engines. By maintaining and updating content, you can attract new readers even years after its initial release.

  5. Leverage UGC. 

    User-generated content, particularly imagery sourced from platforms like Instagram, offers an abundance of authentic and high-quality visuals. By incorporating owner-approved UGC into your marketing materials, you can enhance authenticity, reduce costs, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

  6. Use local identifiers. 

    Images play a crucial role in tourism marketing, capturing the attention of potential travelers. However, providing location information alongside images adds an extra layer of appeal, enabling viewers to see themselves there while driving their desire to visit.

  7. Be timely with drive markets. 

    Drive markets, where travelers can reach your destination by car, tend to respond swiftly to marketing efforts. These markets can yield visitors within a few days or weeks after exposure to your content, so consider the timing of your campaigns accordingly.

  8. Include OOH in your media mix. 

    Despite the challenges of measuring its impact, out-of-home advertising like billboards has proven highly effective in boosting overall marketing efforts. When used strategically, out-of-home ads can generate significant lifts in engagement and conversion rates.

  9. Plan ahead to overcome seasonal challenges. 

    Capturing seasonal experiences for marketing campaigns can be challenging. To address this consider faking the season, leveraging user-generated imagery, or retouching existing visuals to create the desired seasonal appeal.

  10. Segment your audience. 

    Segmenting your target audience based on specific interests, rather than simply age or demographics, can yield powerful results. Tailoring messages to niche segments, such as pet owners or particular interest groups, enhances engagement and drives conversions.

  11. Create for the LGBTQ+ community. 

    When marketing to the LGBTQ+ community, relevance and inclusivity are essential. Customizing your messaging and imagery to resonate with this audience can lead to exceptional responsiveness, loyalty, and action.

In the ever-evolving landscape of tourism marketing, incorporating data-driven insights is crucial for success. By understanding your target audience, utilizing content marketing effectively, leveraging user-generated content, and embracing segmentation, you can elevate your marketing strategies to attract and engage travelers and drive real, impressive results.

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