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Independent insurance agents take pride in their “independence.” They like being able to provide their customers with choices…objective advice that isn’t being clouded by one insurance carrier. The agents have always liked the materials that Travelers offered them to co-brand but it still doesn’t really feel “independent” because it’s tied to one carrier’s name. This was a revolutionary idea from Travelers that they would offer up non-Travelers branded video that really makes the agent the hero, and allows them to sell themselves… And with the hopes that enough of that business would come back their way.

Independent distribution channels don’t like to just pass along someone else’s marketing materials. Their independence isn’t just a source of pride. It’s a point of difference. So when Travelers wanted to show their support of independent agents, we needed to find an innovative way to do that in a non-branded way.


We developed a brand new video customizer tool that allowed agents to co-brand video for distribution with their own clients. Launching the tool with this video, we were able to give agents the option of either creating their very own customized landing page to promote the video, or allowing them to take the customized video and embed it in their own site.

Not only did we develop compelling messaging about the benefits of working with an independent agent, we brought that messaging to life in video—a format agents were eager to use.

Better still, we designed and programmed a new video customizer tool that allowed agents to personalize their own version of this video and easily share it with their clients. With just a few clicks of the mouse, this tool allowed agents to:

  • add a screen to the end of the video with their agency logo, photo and contact info
  • customize their own landing page they could share to promote their video
  • automatically generate the HTML code to embed their customized video in their own website.


This whimsical video makes that point with footage of different people mulling over choices in different situations…at the grocery store, a department store, even a little girl at a toy store. A voiceover would explain that by using an independent agent, you’ve still got access to all those choices. Plus, you’ve got an expert to guide you. This has been a huge success for Travelers (as well as their independent agent channel)…Since the launch of the tool, we’ve seen:
8,800 + users
almost 5,000 video landing pages created (with over 120,000 views)
over 3,000 videos embedded on agent websites (with over 1.7 million views)

This video, and the accompanying video customizer tool, has been a huge hit with independent agents who do business with Travelers. In its first year,

  • More than 8,800 agents signed up to use the tool and customize their own version of this video.
  • The videos they customized/distributed have been viewed by nearly 2 million consumers (at no additional cost to Travelers!).