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Heading into 2017 season, the Connecticut Sun was poised to celebrate 15 years in Connecticut. While this WNBA team had built a steady, loyal and passionate fan base, it also realized that its fans were among the oldest and least diverse groups in the league. Our challenge? Engage a greater number of younger and prospective fans and appeal to a more diverse group.


Research showed the best prospects for the Connecticut Sun had never been to a game or had only been once or twice — and most had not attended due to lack of awareness. So our goal was to encourage first time and return engagements which could lead to greater and regular attendance. With an integrated mix of digital, video and traditional tactics, we promoted the passion, energy, drive, skills and personalities of the players, on and off the court, to create a stronger emotional connection with current and prospective fans, with individual players, and with the game itself.


As a result of our integrated, season-long campaign:

  • Online digital media resulted in 9.1 million impressions.
  • Digital tactics drove more visits to Connecticut Sun online properties, outperforming the standard
  • Entertainment CTR benchmark of 0.09% with a 0.22% CTR and reducing the CPC by 15 percent.
  • Digital outdoor extended game coverage and team messaging to the outer markets of Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury and Bridgeport.
  • Extensive use of pre-roll allowed us to leverage videos and generate a 1.39 percent CTR.