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Social Media: Expert tips for using Facebook Live


With much of the world’s population homebound and trying to handle business as usual during the COVID-19 pandemic, livestreaming on social media has taken off.

-The number of U.S. users watching live videos on Facebook has risen 50% since January. (Bloomberg)
-Streaming’s share of total TV time for the past four weeks is up to 23% of U.S. TV households.
-Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and Hulu saw increases in total streaming minutes per week as of March 16.
-People watched 156+ billion minutes of streaming content during the week of March 16. (MediaPost)

Not only does livestreaming let marketers in different sectors continue engaging with their audiences and consumers, it allows them to turn what were normally “live” experiences into virtual ones. For example:

  • Musicians and music venues are using it to broadcast concerts
  • Theaters are leveraging it to offer “living room” performances
  • Zoos and aquariums are posting live cams of animals and sea life
  • Teachers and libraries are posting virtual activities, like story time
  • Parks are posting live feeds of natural wonders, like waterfalls
  • Fitness and wellness studios are sharing exercises and relaxation techniques
  • Broadcast studios are using it to film interviews from home offices

As it stands, Facebook and Instagram Live appear to be the most popular and widely used platforms for streaming. So whether you use these platforms to broadcast concerts, give product demos, provide instruction, or share a live feed, keep in mind these tips to maximize quality and efficiency before, during and after you film.

Before you start broadcasting: 
__ Promote your livestream in advance of going live to give audiences a heads-up
__ Source questions in advance to keep content relevant with your audience
__ Clean your camera lens so it’s free of dust and smudges
__ Write a compelling description for the livestream
__ Choose a well lit location for your livestream; remove clutter and anything that could distract viewers
__ Set the camera on your mobile device to the back camera lens; choose portrait or landscape 
__ Make sure you have a strong connection so that your broadcast is as clear and high-res as possible.

When you’re ready to go live: 
__ Click the screen to focus on the main subject and to adjust the lighting
__ Use a tripod to keep the stream steady
__ Choose a quiet spot and insist on everyone being quiet so the audio is not interrupted
__ Engage your audience by asking questions and responding to them.

Once you’re done:
__ Post your reply and save the video to your feed or share via email.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to producing professional-looking videos. And that’s something your audience is bound to appreciate—and engage with.




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