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POSTED BY: Reem Nouh and Marc McFarland

Branding: Fine-tune your brand voice


In a disconnected world of social distancing, online shopping and virtual experiences, brand connection is everything.

With consumers being exposed to over 10,000 digital messages a day, brand voice is critical to establishing and maintaining that emotional connection to your brand. And the worst thing brands can do right now is to be tone deaf.

Here are three key tips to help you find and fine-tune your brand voice. 

  1. Tune-in or they’ll tune you out. It’s critical to start by simply assessing how your customers or prospects may be feeling during the current environment via quick pulse checks and social listening. 
  1. Check and fine-tune your brand voice. Do a quick audit of all your messages to understand what tone you’re currently portraying and don’t be afraid to pivot based on your audience’s current sentiment. Look to balance what you want to say with what your customers want to hear! Also monitor the competitive landscape to see what are other brands saying and doing. 
  1. Listen, respond, but keep your brand voice TRU. There’s nothing distant about social or digital channels. Your customers will let you know how they feel. Listen and quickly respond to let them know their voice is heard. And, while your brand voice may need to be flexible during this time, it should always be true to your brand. 

The bottomline is make sure your brand voice is True to who you are, Relevant to your audience, and Unique among your competitors.

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