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From the Ivy League to the big league, Marc brings real-world savvy to the table. After graduating from Cornell, he began his career as an agent for John Hancock, ran his own independent brokerage firm, then moved to the corporate side as marketing manager for New England Financial, Allmerica and Protective Life—all Adams & Knight clients. He impressed us. We impressed him.

A consummate professional, he helps the agency’s financial services clients reach their goals with strategic marketing planning that often includes creative uses of advertisingcontent marketing and digital marketing.

Take a look at these case studies of some of his recent work here.  

Client Experience

Of which business achievements are you most proud?

Recently, I was involved in every aspect of a new annuity product launch…from naming and positioning the product to strategizing and delivering all the marketing and public relations efforts. It was the most successful annuity launch in the company’s history. It increased its market share, exceeded its sales goals and got press in major publications, including The Wall Street Journal.

I’m also proud of the fact that I’ve earned the respect of my co-workers in every job I’ve had . . . and not because of the title I was given, but because I work hard and always strive to make truly valuable contributions.

What awards/recognition do you value most?

The results we get for our clients. That demonstrates our ability to be a strategic partner for our clients. It’s a great feeling to work together as a team and see the tangible rewards of our collective effort.

What traits help you succeed?

I am extremely competitive and love winning. I bring this competitive spirit to my work.

How have your roots contributed to who you are today?

I grew up in Oklahoma on a cattle farm. Being raised in the outdoors has given me a great appreciation of and love for nature. Also growing up as part of a working-class family has given me a strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to persevere. 

What would people find most surprising about you?

My accent might give it away, but some people might be surprised I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma. Many might not guess that I went to Cornell University. And most would never suspect that I love poetry and read Nietzsche!

    Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner table?

    How about this for a guest list . . . Dred Scott and Barack Obama, Friedrich Nietzsche and Malcolm Gladwell, Archimedes and Thomas Edison. Now that’s my idea of stimulating dinner conversation.

    Your favorite motto, quote, saying?

    “That which does not destroy me makes me stronger.” — Nietzsche

    “Show respect to all people and bow to none.” — Tecumseh

      What are your goals for your life?

      To know I have tackled every challenge and embraced every opportunity with lots of enthusiasm, very little hesitation and absolutely no regrets.