Adams & Knight introduces new logo and brand image

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Agency continues to evolve and grow after 25 years


To better reflect the evolution of its business and the changing dynamics of the industry, Adams & Knight, an integrated marketing agency, has launched a new brand identity.

Coinciding with its 25th anniversary, the agency has launched a bold, new logo which features the firm’s name in black type joined together by a contemporary multi-faceted spark. “This logo reflects how our agency works,” says Jill Adams, CEO. “On a daily basis, we bring together different strategic marketing services to create an integrated solution that can impact organizations. Locked together with our tagline ‘ideas that spark results’, this new logo captures the spirit of that creative process.”

Designed jointly by Creative Director Don Carter and Chief Creative Officer Michael Asphar, the new logo is less formal than the agency’s previous ones. “It’s strong, confident, approachable, and relevant . . . a logical progression from where we’ve been for the last 25 years to where we’re taking our clients in the future,” says Asphar.

The future of where the agency is headed is clearly visible from their newly designed website, which features the new logo. Launching this week, more accurately reflects the agency’s mission to help brands assist people in leading happier, healthier and more financially secure lives. “Anyone interacting with our brand online can now get a quick read on what we do, our brand positioning and how we help ’spark’ health, wealth and happiness,”says Asphar.

The agency’s identity has always seemed to reflect the state of the industry along with its own growth. Carter says, “Since digital and electronic media now play a greater role in strategic marketing, we felt the time was right to evolve our logo so that, among other things, it better responded to the needs of digital users, whether they view us on cell phones, tablets or laptops.”

About Adams & Knight

Adams & Knight is an integrated marketing agency dedicated to serving clients that help people live happier, healthier lives. Celebrating its 25th year in business, the agency serves a roster of regional, national and global clients in the healthcare, financial services and leisure industries.