Adams & Knight’s new campaign for mental health services captures passion of caregivers

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To help Rushford, a Hartford HealthCare Partner, reposition its brand as the top choice for addiction and mental health services, Adams & Knight recently created a powerful, integrated marketing campaign to resonate with parents of teens and young adults struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues.

The campaign not only highlights the expert, compassionate level of care that this leading Hartford-area facility provides, but it also communicates what patients and their caregivers know about Rushford: Recovery never stops. Neither do we.

Focused on helping others, the campaign features:

  • A meaningful online experience for Rushford visitors – through a new, visually impactful landing page at that makes it easy to contact Rushford.
  • A bold radio spot – that clearly evokes the inner battle key targets face — and why they need the caring, compassionate team at Rushford to help them.

CLICK HERE to view the creative. 

About Rushford

For more than 35 years, Rushford is dedicated to meeting the substance abuse and mental health needs of adolescents, adults and families throughout Connecticut and beyond. Working cooperatively with the Hartford Healthcare network, Rushford strives to provide affordable, accessible and proven services that embrace the most current research in prevention, treatment and recovery.