Credit scoring website enhances VantageScore Solutions brand

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Adams & Knight helps client respond to needs of consumers


Seen your credit score lately? Wonder why it’s not higher? In an effort to help consumers better understand their credit scores, Adams & Knight has helped Stamford-based VantageScore Solutions develop an interactive website. Consumers can turn to this website to get a simple explanation for the two-character reason codes VantageScore Solutions developed with its credit scoring models, which tell consumers why they’re not higher.

The website, comes complete with a glossary that translates consumer credit-industry lingo, a whiteboard video that explains how reason codes work and what consumers can learn from them, and an online tool that “decodes” two-digit and/or text-based codes often included when a consumer is provided with a VantageScore® credit score.

The agency also helped the consumer credit-scoring company produce a Spanish version of this entire site. Felicia Lindau, vice president of account services says, “The Spanish version really closes a void in today’s marketplace. According to a survey from VantageScore Solutions, only 10 percent of lenders actually translate reason codes into Spanish. That leaves many Hispanic consumers in the dark about what is impacting their credit scores and what they can do to improve their credit profiles. This website, which translates reason codes for all three VantageScore credit scoring models into Spanish, is making strides by effectively answering questions, and reducing frustration, for U.S. consumers.”

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