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A consummate tinkerer, Eric has had a lifelong affinity for machines of all types, both physical and virtual. It’s a fondness that led him to Adams & Knight, where he’s accountable for all things techno-magical.

Whether it’s a technology we use for the agency, or one we implement for our clients, Eric has a hand in it, from overseeing our back office operations and professional services to heading our team of engineers, designers and developers as they create Adams & Knight’s own software products, like Branding Central.

It’s expertise he’s been upgrading and enhancing his entire career, which includes stints in software design and development, bespoke mobile automation and management consultancy.

Client Experience

What do you find most fulfilling about your work?

Contributing to the triumphs and successes of my colleagues and teammates.

What traits help you succeed?

My devotion to caffeine.

What motivates you?

The phrase “There’s no way….”

How do you hold it together when things get stressful?

My belief in the goal, my trust in my team, our ability to prioritize what’s important, and my confidence in our ability to deliver when it matters most.

What is your ultimate ambition?

To work with incredibly talented people on incredibly compelling stuff.

How have your roots contributed to who you are today?

My father is an incredibly principled gentleman. He taught me to place the bar high and has provided me with an unwavering compass.

What activities do you enjoy?

Crew, Cycling, Mad Science-ing.

Any special interests?

I’m a lifelong collector of antique boats and marine engines.

What would people find most surprising about you?

I can set the valve lash correctly on any desmodromic Ducati (blindfolded).

What are your goals for your life?

To raise three happy, healthy, engaged kids and help them become the amazing people I know they are.