Hartford HealthCare: Take the Agony Out of Eating

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People with heartburn and swallowing disorders put up with a lot of pain. They often shrug it off, saying “it’s probably just something I ate” or “maybe I have a food allergy” without getting a real diagnosis for something that could be a serious health problem. And they deprive themselves of one of life’s true pleasures — the joy of enjoying your favorite foods. We realized they could probably use a reminder that it doesn’t have to be like this.


We didn’t want to take the expected route of showing people eating and grimacing. We knew we needed an approach that would better stand out — and better empathize with the pain our audience is enduring. So we combined images of food with visuals depicting how they can make you feel, while headlines used just a touch of sympathetic humor to help people realize there are ways to take the agony out of eating.


The campaign generated new patients from a variety of new sources, leading to a client “very happy” with the results.