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Hartford Hospital women’s health division was losing market share to a competing hospital that had just unveiled a new birthing unit with private rooms. To combat this trend, we needed to develop a relationship with pregnant women early enough to influence their choice of hospital and become indispensable at every stage of their pregnancy journey—from getting pregnant and staying healthy to taking care of a newborn.


Research confirmed that consumers are more likely to use an app that can track and store data for them versus one that is strictly informational. We also knew that moms are the single largest segment of smartphone owners. Arranging focus groups, we delved into the kind of “data” they needed and wanted to track. This included monitoring when they were most fertile, their doctor’s appointments and body changes, as well as things going in and out of their new bundle of joy (feeding schedule and amounts, bowel movements).

With these insights we were able to create a useful app for women that strategically aligned with their needs and the new brand positioning: BEYOND ADVANCED.


The app achieved positive results for Hartford Hospital:

  • Downloads were at 152 percent of goal
  • Further elevated the Hartford Hospital brand as it was featured on virtually all of the area’s top news programs, generating exponential goodwill and exposure for providing such a valuable free tool.