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Hartford HealthCare is a statewide alliance of healthcare providers committed to delivering a new approach to healthcare, one that is organized around the needs of patients and the communities they serve. For the first time since its formation, Hartford HealthCare wanted to start communicating a unified brand. It needed to differentiate itself in a crowded healthcare market . . . that was growing even more competitive thanks to increased advertising by other health systems in Connecticut.


In our research, we verified that what people want in a health system is a real partner to help make them healthier. What resonated most was the idea of getting the right care at the right time in the right place. Depending on what’s most appropriate and most convenient, patients can access to quality care through local hospitals, labs, medical offices, affiliated pharmacies, neighborhood family health centers, assisted living facilities, centralized specialty medical services and even right at home. In short, Hartford HealthCare “connects patients to healthier.”

To make this idea come to life, we created an integrated branding campaign that defined “connecting to healthier” in different ways and included a strategic mix of social, digital and traditional tactics to inform and engage target market as well as generate leads. For target audiences, messages were strategically positioned on TV, over the airwaves, online, at the mall, on the road and at the grocery stores. 


The all-out integrated campaign was a success for Hartford HealthCare.

Traffic to website soared. Visits to connecttohealthier.org jumped 59 percent with 3,811 new visitors coming to the site.
 Brand awareness increased. With a combined paid and organic strategy, our Facebook campaign reached 345,000 targets with 1,700      visiting the custom tab and an additional 445 clicking to HHC.org for more info.
Target audience responded. Our social and digital tactics resulted in:
- 11,193 new listeners for Hartford HealthCare’s Pandora radio station.
- 4,097 views/listens of the TV spots and radio spots posted online.
- 535,724 unique online impressions from banner ads with a 1.3% average click through rate.