Hartford Hospital: Beyond Advanced

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Our biggest challenge? Location. Hartford has the dubious distinction of being halfway between New York (#1 DMA) and Boston (#7 DMA). So if a family member is seriously ill, why take any chances with a Hartford-based hospital when a nationally acclaimed medical center is only a couple of hours away,  especially since research revealed that consumers desperately want to know that they are doing the very best for their family.


This insight lead directly to the development of our overarching creative platform: BEYOND ADVANCED. Whatever the medium, whatever the specialty, we united everything under this one big umbrella platform to build awareness for the hospital brand. But too much focus on the latest technology can be distancing, even frightening; to connect emotionally, we needed to make the complex simple and relevant.


In just one year:

  • Nearly 10% increase in patient volume in every key specialty area targeted: cancer, cardiac, neurology, GI and orthopedics care
  • A record 26% increase in website traffic over previous year
  • Double-digit increases in favorability ratings for target specialty areas in post-campaign survey