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How do you break through the clutter and get small business owners to pay attention to what your bank has to offer…when bigger banks with bigger budgets in your footprint are already doing the same thing? That was the challenge Ion Bank presented to Adams & Knight when it wanted to promote and grow its lending services in Connecticut.


We discovered that many successful business owners in central Connecticut partner with Ion Bank to grow and build their enterprises. We also discovered that they believe in many of the same values that differntiate Ion Bank in the marketplace. Loyalty. Listening. Vision. Imagination. Understanding.

So our strategy centered around demonstrating these shared beliefs. In a series of videos, we filmed business owners telling their stories—and how a particular value helped them achieve success. The connection to Ion Bank was subtle. But the message was clear: Ion Bank was the right choice because Ion Bank is on the same wavelength as its customers—and willing to do more to prove it.