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“They’re pretty much all the same.” In our research, that’s what 86 percent of consumers said about banks. So while Webster Bank had an existing brand platform they believed in — “Living Up to You” — our challenge was to bring that brand promise to life in a more meaningful, differentiated way.


To make the brand platform more relevant to Webster Bank’s audiences, we dug deeper to find that magical intersection between what was true to who Webster was, what was important to its target audiences and what wasn’t owned by its competitors.

Our market research revealed that responsive and personalized support was highly important to consumers — yet no other bank was consistently indexing positively for that attribute. So we created a cohesive, multi-year brand campaign that promoted all the ways Webster Bank is “Living up to You” by personalizing solutions that help each customer achieve what matters most to them. 


This multi-channel brand campaign contributed to significant revenue growth as well as a lift across all communication channels:

  • 40 quarters of year-over-year revenue growth
  • 52% increase in click-through rate for digital ads
  • 73% increase in video completion rates
  • 54% increase in social media clicks