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Webster Bank had an existing brand platform they believed in, but weren’t seeing their brand health measures positively impacted. So we started with research to find out how their audience viewed the existing platform and assess their views on the category in general. We found that consumers liked the idea of their “living up to you” platform but were unsure what it meant for them specifically. We also found that there was a perceived lack of differentiation for the banking category in general with nearly 86% of consumers not seeing much difference in banks.


Based on insights, we dug deeper with additional research to understand how we could give our platform more relevance to our audiences. We also assessed the competitive landscape to understand what brand territory was already be claimed and what brand attribute white space we could own and deliver on under our platform. In looking at what banking characteristics rank highest for our audiences and how Webster and competitors index for these attributes, we found that responsive, caring and personalized support was very important and none of our competitors indexed positively for. So we gave meaning to our living up to you platform by using this insight to express how we’re living up to you…by living up to the highest standards, those of our customers, with understanding what matters most to them and personalizing solutions so they can worry less and do more. And, we claimed this white space with an integrated, omni-channel campaign across the bank’s entire footprint.