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The credit-scoring industry has been dominated by one huge player for decades and the market was hungry for a better alternative. Enter VantageScore Solutions. Although the company built a better credit scoring model it still had only a sliver of market share next to the leader’s near monopoly. Adams & Knight was chosen to help them gain awareness and adoption in the marketplace, especially in conjunction with the launch of their newest product version—VantageScore 3.0.


Starting with market research, we carefully defined a new position and built a brand. Then we created a launch that the market would notice. We kicked things off at one of the industry’s most important trade shows. We were just one of the handful of sponsors of the show, but our presence was everywhere. The new logo was on the back of every chair in the keynote address and we dominated the hub of the exhibit floor. We ran trade ads that boldly challenged the audience to rethink their old choices, and carried that rallying mantra through an integrated campaign that included websites, social media, collateral, and traditional and digital advertising.


The success of the launch and the interest in the product that it generated has, in the words of its CEO, “exceeded our wildest dreams.” The various launch activities contributed palpable energy at the launch trade show. The media coverage was just tremendous and traffic to the various websites has spiked impressively. One headline called VantageScore 3.0 “the credit score everyone is talking aboutŠ” and its CMO declared that “it is clear our brand has significantly risen in stature within just one week!”