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CTvisit.com is the website for all tourism marketing activity for Connecticut. But a decade’s worth of changing needs had left the website awkwardly cobbled together and difficult to use. So how could we create an experience that would not only bring all there was to see and do in Connecticut to life online, but also inspire more to visit in person? 


We reimagined the website to attract potential visitors with personally relevant inspiration they didn’t have to work to find.

Using research, we developed personas for key audiences: Connecticut residents and potential visitors from New York, Rhode Island, northern New Jersey and western Massachusetts. Then, we developed a flexible site architecture with dynamic content that allows visitors to search and find the information they wanted, and then be served additional content to inspire a richer getaway experience.

Throughout the online journey, we feautured beautiful images, upcoming events, articles and videos that tell the stories of Connecticut experiences, and make getaways to the state easier to plan. We also integrated social media, maps, calendars and created a custom CMS so that contributing partners can update their own content.


The new site launched in 2016 and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

  • Traffic has grown from less than 1 million visitors a year with the old site to more than 5 million visitors a year just 2 years later with over half of visitors engaging in the robust array of article content.
  • The number of tourism businesses featured on the site has grown from 2,000 to over 4,000
  • And the number of leads, in the form of clicks, calls, emails, and bookings, has grown from zero before the new site to over 3 million a year.