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Animal owners can be a pretty passionate group especially those that own family farms. There’s a special bond between these individuals and their pets and animals. So, when Cargill approached us to promote their full line of Nutrena Feeds, we knew we had to appeal to the hearts, minds and pocketbooks of owners. The problem was that most buyers only knew about and purchased one or two types of feed. Our mission was to broaden their knowledge about the full line of multi-species feed offerings for all their furry friends.


With the understanding there many types of “human families”, we wanted to show the same thing existed in the barnyard. Our big idea was to show a wide array of animals with their owners tying back to the diversity and availability of Nutrena Feeds.

First, we arranged for a photo shoot on two local farms with a menagerie of animals to serve as the cornerstone of our campaign. We created the theme of “Care for all your animals with our family of feeds” and tied it back to the fact that Nutrena understood that pets become part of the family. We then created an integrated marketing effort consisting of consumer print, a social media campaign including short “behind-the-scenes” video clips and banner ads, and in-store point-of-sale materials including aisle invaders, counter cards and bag stackers.

The anchor of this promotion was a “Nutrena Family Quiz” where we sent buyers to learn “what kind of Nutrena family are you?” and take a quick and whimsical look at their lives with their animals. We also created “family personas” based upon their answers. Once completed, we also captured email addresses for future promotions and offered a downloadable coupon good at local retailers for $10 off ANY three bags and types of feed.


With the campaign only running 8 weeks to create a sense of urgency:

  • Over 8,000 visits to the quiz in the first week and 57,000 visits in the first three weeks.
  • Over 7,300 form completions and coupon downloads in the first three weeks of the campaign.
  • Over 81,000 impressions on Facebook alone in the first three weeks.
  • Over 80,000,000 impressions in a digital programmatic media buy in two months.