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Dear Twitter: Here’s how to grow your base


For almost a year now, it’s been widely published that the execs at Twitter are looking for ways to attract more users to its social network.

And indeed the platform rolled out several improvements this past year in the hopes of doing just that. Among them, Twitter updated its 140-character count limit to NOT include photos and videos to save more characters for actual messages. And scheduling tweets in advance is now a reality.

But sorry to say Twitter, for content marketing professionals, these changes were simply not enough. A better strategy? Focus on making Twitter easier to use. Forget about copying the latest features on other social networks and making them part of your platform. Just think about what specific things frustrate marketing pros the most about using Twitter every day. And ease their burden. Please.

Here a just a few practical changes that would woo more marketers to Twitter in the coming year.

Allow users to edit. Stop “thinking about it.” Please add an edit button so we don’t have to delete the tweet three or four times to fix a simple typo or replace a broken link. As reported a few days ago in Business Insider, even your CEO admits this “feature is definitely needed.”

Make scheduling tweets more convenient. The dashboard added to the platform to schedule tweets in advance was a great addition. But why, oh, why is it not included in the platform itself? Forcing users to use a different URL just adds another step to a busy content marketer’s day. 

Add the ability to “tag” a photo when using the dashboard. And while you’re making changes to the dashboard . . . please allow users to tag other followers in photos when scheduling in advance. What’s the point of being to schedule in advance . . . if you can’t use all the features Twitter offers?

Allow for multiple pictures in scheduled posts. The richer marketers can make the experience for followers, the more engaging the platform becomes for consumers.

Let users toggle between accounts on desktop. Because content marketers often manage multiple accounts, it would be uber convenient to let us switch between different client accounts on desktop . . . just as we can do on mobile.

While none of these suggestions are unusually innovative, they will make it inordinately easier for your users, Twitter. And just possibly, win you some new ones. Not to mention more business.

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