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Adams & Knight Wins Best of Show more

Adams & Knight Wins Best of Show

We’re proud to have won more awards than any agency at the Ad Club of CT’s annual award show—including Best of Show, best copywriting and best art direction honors.

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Eric Levesque, Director, Video/Broadcast Production

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Overseeing the agency’s internal video marketing and production department, Eric utilizes his wealth of experience as an editor, shooter and director to bring our clients relevant and engaging content.

Eric currently creates documentary-style content for clients such as Webster Bank, New England Black Wolves, Connecticut SunUMass Memorial and others. He has worked as an editor on feature films, documentaries and has edited many television and web commercials, corporate branding videos and short features for ESPN.

Click here to see a video gallery of some of the productions that Eric and our team have produced for the agency.


Client Experience

Of which business achievements are you most proud?

I edited an independent feature film that won Best Drama at the Manhattan Film Festival, and is now streaming on Amazon Prime. I think that’s pretty cool.

I’m also proud of helping Adams and Knight start up and grow a high-quality video production unit. I truly love working with my team on a daily basis.

What do you find most fulfilling about your work?

I love seeing something that I was a part of creating out in the world. It was exhilarating the first time I heard on-air talent read copy I that wrote for PBS, and saw closed captions that I created on the Discovery Channel. Soon short features that I edited were airing on ESPN. Now, working with an extremely talented group, we’re putting out digital content that’s being seen by thousands of people on a weekly basis.

What motivates you?

My peers. Both those within my agency and colleagues in my profession. I like to keep up with what’s current and always be relevant. I’m also competitive.

What is your ultimate ambition?

To create stories that are seen and that make viewers feel emotion.

How have your roots contributed to who you are today?

I grew up in a great neighborhood with a lot of kids my age. We all loved to play outside. My family always traveled for vacation. We always watched movies together. Today I love to travel, discover new places and meet new people. Fortunately, my job is a catalyst for these things.

What activities do you enjoy?

Hiking with my dog. Making my daughter laugh. Watching movies and Boston sports teams.

Who are your heroes or role models?

My wife. For supporting me but more importantly for being an amazing mother. My daughter is already a leg up on life because of her.

My mother. She’s the most compassionate and reasonable person I’ve ever met.

What would people find most surprising about you?

I have not seen “Game of Thrones.”

Your favorite motto, quote, saying?

From Goodfellas, Henry Hill, “The way I see it, everybody takes a beating sometimes.” Not that I take that literally, but as a creative professional, not all days are good days. Adversity is important.