Dreyfus, Ashby

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Wine importer Dreyfus, Ashby brings wines from leading wine families around the world to U.S. distributors. While it doesn’t sell directly to consumers, it needed a compelling new public website—one that would encourage more distributors to carry the wine families they represented and ultimately more consumers to purchase their wines.


Just a few of the ways we ensured this site was a better ambassador for Dreyfus, Ashby.

  • We revamped the site’s navigation based on research insights into how consumers really shop for wine: by type of wine (varietal), by brand, or by location/region.
  • We provided all kinds of relevant content for each wine, including the latest wine reviews, tasting notes, suggested food pairings, tech sheets and printable labels.
  • We included “family albums” to showcase info on each winery and emphasize their point of difference—that they only represented exceptional family-owned wineries.
  • We prominently featured a “Contact us” section, which would allow visitors to choose an area of the country, see a photo of the representative from that area and send him/her a personalized email with any questions.