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Adams & Knight interns spill the tea


It is always bittersweet to see our interns off at the end of the semester. Their enthusiasm to get in on the action during client meetings, attend shoots, and present their work symbiotically benefits both them and the agency. After weeks of immersive interning, we asked this collegiate team to share their top 3 lessons learned to help future students make the most of their internships.

“I loved my experience at Adams & Knight. Right away, they encourage you to reach out to different departments because they want you to learn about what you are interested in and grow.”

- Matthew Paquette, Travel/Lifestyle Marketing Intern, University of Connecticut

Matthew’s Top Lessons

  1. Don’t underestimate company culture. I hear all the time in my classes that workplace culture can be the most important factor in a successful business. I could tell quickly there were a lot of nice, talented people at A&K. Being so welcomed energized me, which made me want to give back the same energy to others. 

  2. Get ready to apply programs to real world use. In school I have learned a lot about digital media programs, but once you put them to use it brings a whole new perspective. It was so interesting to use real-time consumer insight platforms for our clients and learn about how different programs work together to manage campaigns and provide data. 

  3. Small tasks have meaning. Even conducting a short research project leads to big results — a task from my first day turned into a full content campaign! On any project, do not underestimate small details as they can add up to a great experience for clients and consumers 

“Working in a professional environment exposed me to different ways of working. I was able to observe the daily operations of a successful business and try out new ideas that further developed my problem-solving skills.” 

- Shanice Rhule, Integrated Marketing Intern, University of Connecticut

Shanice’s Top Lessons

  1. Ask for experience across teams. One of my favorite parts of working with A&K is the fact that youre introduced to every department, and that youre actually encouraged to work with them. If you feel that you want to try something new, take that leap! You might discover something you really love.

  2. Bring new ideas to the table. You’re here because your perspective matters. If you have a little free time, take the initiative to jumpstart your next project! Do some background research before writing and presenting to your manager so that they can better understand what you’re trying to convey and can support you. This extra effort shows.

  3. Take time to self-reflect. Self-reflection is key whether its a month into your internship or your last day. Think about what projects you liked and disliked, how they made you feel and what you’d do differently. This allows you to plan your next steps moving forward.

“Adams & Knight truly embodies passion throughout the agency and functions as a true collaborative entity. The entire team here is incredibly welcoming, helpful, and amiable, making my time here a remarkable and rewarding experience.”

- Gabriella Casturani, Healthcare/Education Marketing Intern, Western Connecticut State University

Gabriella’s Top Lessons

  1. Take the opportunity to get to know your fellow interns on the first day. Starting your first day in an agency setting can be daunting, but what really helped ease my nerves was introducing myself and establishing connections with my fellow interns. Despite being on different teams, we cross paths several times a week, eat lunch together, and help each other out with any questions! Meeting such awesome fellow interns during my time here is something that I am truly grateful for.

  2. Collaborate with team members. During my time here, I have observed that Adams & Knight truly exemplifies collaboration. It is impressive to witness how numerous projects and campaigns necessitate distinct contributions from each team. Attending internal meetings with representatives from each team and seeing how each team has a role, which all effortlessly interlock, is neat. Knowing that every aspect, whether it be social, creative, or media, is essential to the final campaign or project truly demonstrates the agency’s integrated nature.

  3. Maintain connections with your colleagues and the agency beyond your time here. I highly recommend establishing connections with your fellow interns, managers, and other colleagues on LinkedIn. This not only shows your support for the agency and the time you spent here, but also assists in promoting what is new and happening at the agency or personal passions of team members. Be sure to share this information with your connections because you never know who might benefit from it among your network. Networking is critical as you prepare to enter the workforce!

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